The national asbestos database is a website that enables property owners and managers to ensure that the asbestos registers for their buildings are seen by all who need them.


What We Do

For the contractor and trades person: uses data that has already been gathered from an asbestos survey. It displays this information for contractors, trades and anyone else who needs it. The location, description, size and condition of all known or suspected asbestos materials are all listed. It also gives details of materials that are not asbestos and parts that were not accessed during a survey.

For the asbestos data provider: uses data that has already been gathered by asbestos survey and stored in your format. It displays information on asbestos materials within a property together with plans and photographs where available. It also records details of materials that are not asbestos, areas that were not accessed for inspection and other hazards present.

For the premises controller: uses data that has already been gathered from your asbestos survey. If your data is in digital format, whether database, spreadsheet or otherwise, then our system is able to display it in a standardised format. If your information is currently only held on paper, we will supply you with a number of cost-effective options for converting it into a digital format.

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How to use the register

If you would like to distribute the asbestos registers for a property on, follow the following procedure:

  1. Have the property surveyed for asbestos materials – we recommend that you have this carried out by a UKAS accredited laboratory.
  2. Store the information collected from the survey in a digital format. There are a number of commercially available asbestos databases – our affiliates are listed in ‘Applications available’. If it is not appropriate for you to use one of these databases, contact and we will advise you of the format in which you should supply your data to us.
  3. Contact and we will advise you how to proceed. is endorsed by TUC and member trade unions. Unions are approaching employers, both public and private sector, to adopt it. is a funded by property owners for the benefit of construction professionals and trades alike. is the best, cheapest and most reliable way for property owners/ managers to make asbestos information available to anybody that needs it.

Industry news

  • HSE approach to asbestos management examined

    The Work and Pensions Committee launches an inquiry into how the Health & Safety Executive manages the continued presence of asbestos in buildings.

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  • Campaign: Airtight on Asbestos

    A UK-wide campaign to influence the HSE’s regime on asbestos management so that it more accurately reflects the risk to public health

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  • HSE Consultative Document

    The HSE Consultative Document , Amendments to the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 1987, states that property owners and managers must have all non-domestic properties surveyed for asbestos, re-enforcing the existing duty under the Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations 1992.

    The new consultative document goes on to state that all information relating to the location and condition of asbestos materials must be made available to anybody who might need it or come into contact with it – more specifically those involved in trades that might disturb asbestos materials during the course of their work e.g. electricians, cablers, carpenters, maintenance technicians etc. is the best, cheapest and most reliable way for property owners/managers to make asbestos information available to anybody that needs it.


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